[pain]Byte Live & VR

What an amazing Sunday evening.

Hiding the pain

pain]byte – Chronic pain and the invisible world of pain. Pain as a system. What it means to be in pain everyday in an unforgiving world. How technology can bring a drug relief (biomedical engineering).

We were joined by exploratory scientist and researcher Dr Rabia Khan who will give insight into how AI (artificial intelligence) and data are being used in the development of new drugs, including those used for pain. We were able to create two distinct pieces for [pain]Byte: The ballet and the accompanying VR experience that looked at VR as storytelling in the world of chronic pain.

[pain]Byte is the 3rd ballet and we used this opportunity to bring to light the issues and challenges of an invisible disability to audiences. The R&D of the biometric data and the VR experience in order to present data that was informed by and in response to the human body. We are not for profit organisation, providing innovative digital computer science STEAM focused education & curriculum opportunities including workshops, training and produce data driven dance performance to highlight, engage and encourage people into loving computer science education.

painbyte VR from Genevieve Smith-Nunes on Vimeo.