Global Movements dance, data & cultural tolerance

The Gallery @ The Curve

Sat 22 Apr to Wed 31 May 2017

A mixture of dance and visual arts, this project was initiated by the young people working with Aik Saath. Running from January to March 2017, with the help from us at ReadySaltedCode, this project created a piece of visual art, mapping different dances that represent Slough’s diverse communities.

Slough’s Global Movements is the first project of its kind to map the body movements of dancers from different cultures- an initiative well-suited to the most diverse town in the UK outside London. Locally-based dance groups signed up, including experts in bhangra, Apna Virsa; Datchet Border Morris and street dancers, EBC Warriors.
An exhibition, showcasing the results of the project in the Curve on 22th April – 31 May 2017.