The Art Computer Science – Project Update

Project: The Art of Computer Science. Phase I

We developed two site to accompany the project for the [arra]stre performance & data visualisations and the education site










There are 2 sides to this project one involving a live performance and the other a site for sharing and documenting the educational side of the  project.  They are Live Performance “Arrastre” and the artofcs website

Arrastre: is a digital data driven dance performance that derives its movements and concepts from computer science theory. A live performance, plus a series of workshops breaking down the computer science theory behind the performance, will constitute the whole programme. The programme will include data visualisation, images influenced and triggered by data from the dancers, wearable technology and choreography. The work will interpret computer science theories through dance, relating the programme to the new Computing curriculum for schools in England; devising a new methodology that could be applied as a cross-curricular approach for learning. It is with great thanks to Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts Award for the supporting this project.

A recording of the live performance is available here

The site will consist of videos, ‘recipes’, links to the curriculum UK and others. We are hoping to make it a playground that the user can explore based on what they are looking for. Be it a particular curriculum element, type of sensor or specific piece of kit. We are very excited about be able to share all of resources including the code.  This has only be made possible because of being one of Google RISE Award winners for 2014.

The #dancehack event that I facilitated for SouthEastDance was feature in the local press #dancehack.  Apparently we had only 2 types of people at the event dancers and geeks! the new binary joke ;) I am not sure which category I would be in as prior to my 2 spinal fusions I went to dancing school plus now [and back then]  I love to code.

My talk at the Brighton Digital Festival 2013. This 7 minute talk highlights where the project came from and what I will be doing over the next year before the live performance at #BDF2014. There is a strict 7 min rule before a seagull is gently (not always) thrown at you to stop you talking.

art of CS talk slider
The Art of Computer Science

Art of Computer Science

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Hacking the Classroom

Hacking the classroom

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#DanceHack using the Kinect & openframeworks

#dancehack: Using the Kinect, openframeworks to create a tonal landscape for dancers!

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Data capture using Kinect and Greenfoot

Using Greenfoot & Kinect Prototype from

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Art of Computer Science & the Computing Curriculum

The art of Computer Science and the new Computing Curriculum

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The Project:

The Project itself for the year.

This video wasn’t taken during the dancehack about 1am so I apologies for the portrait view of the video. We were using Technology Will Save Us: prototype mover kit.  Which is awesome, even though it was wired.  The final version will be wireless.  I can’t wait for that to come out!