Using the Scratch Jr

In this project we are going to create a simple program using Scratch Junior. This project assume no knowledge of the Scratch Junior interface. The project will be a simple story with characters, change of scene/page and some sound.  Link the story to something that they are learning in class or the favourite thing. Educational Resource


Ipad Download App Here
Andriod Device Download App Here
Scratch Junior Homepage: Link

My Adventures in Space

This story has 3 sections.  Starting on the moon with an alien cat who then gets into a rocket and flies to Earth.

Step 1 Storyboard

You willstory board need to add a character and a background.  Draw a picture and/or write what is happening in your story.

Characters. How many and what do they do?

Backgrounds.  You can select an image from the gallery or draw your own in the editing/paint.  You can also edit an existing background. Click here to see how.

Text and Sounds. Write down what the characters are going to say.  What sounds do you need.  You can record your own sounds in ScratchJr. Click here to see how.


Step 2 Using the App

After downloading and opening the app you Homepagewill see the following screen. Click the Home icon to launch Scratch Junior.  Then select new project.


For the program we are going use the following blocks:









New project

New Project

Add your character.  Each new project defaults with Scratch the Cat already added to the project.  Press and hold the “Cat” ,rectangle on the left hand side, until the red x appears and the it is waggling. Click the X to delete that specific character.

Click the + to add a new character


Grid lines

Using the grid lines

Using the grid lines help you work out how many steps to move and where you characters is on the screen.

To turn this on and off. Click the second button above the screen area.

Simple character Program: Move Character

move right

Move using a loop

Move using a loop

The code starts on the green flag.

It moves the character to left 10 times.

We have used a loop


Simple Change Scene Program: Jump to Page/Scene

jump to scene

Jump to scene/page

Jump to scene/page

This is an END block.  It makes the change to the next “page/scene”.  This does not have to the next actual page but any one of the pages in the project.  This means that you can change the order to suit your story, game and simulation.

Recording Sound Program: Adding sound effects or voice.


This block plays a recorded sound.

Each one is numbered and located with a specific scene/page.


Step 3 Writing your program

Putting it all together to write your program.

Step 4 Save and Share your project.

Save your projectClick on the yellow tag in the top right hand corner of the page.  This will take you to another screen. Change the name of your project and click the tick to save the project.  To share by email click the button and answer the maths question with the help of your adult helper. Then type in the email address you want to share your project with and click send.  They must also have the Scratch Junior app in order to view the project.