Build your own RC CAR with IOIO otg v2 board & AppShed

For a simple first IoT project try Blink IoT

All the Steps

Step 1 Login or select IoT Project
Step 2 Creating your hardware IoT project.
Step 3 wire up the motors & LEDs
Step 4 Linking Iot to app project
Step 5 Connecting the power

Test and play

Task 1 Login or select IoT ProjectScreen Shot 2015-11-07 at 09.55.48

Task 2 Creating your hardware IoT project.

PIN Numbers2 pins per motor

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 09.52.1010 & 11 for ‘right’ motor (connect to Pins a1a & a1b on the driver mini board)

39 & 40 for ‘left’ motor (connected to Pins a1b & b1b) Remember that even though we are using motors they are connected through a driver.

This means that they are DIGITAL outputs.

Motors have 4 states: Forward, reverse, stop and pause

The additional connections are headlights and indicator lights using a simple toggle button for the headlights. The indicator lights are link to the steering “current direction”  they will activate when the data indicates that the car is turning hard left or hard right.

Task 3 Wire everything up

1. Connect the motors to the motor driver board. There are 2 pins for each motor, usually labelled a1a, a1b and b1a, b1b.

2. Connect this board to the IOIO board

3. Connect LEDs to the correct pins, (optional) See Blinky IoT

Step 4 Linking IoT to app projectLinking IoT board to app
You have already created your App now we are going to link the IoT (hardware app) to your app that you have just created. Save the IoT project and go back into your RC CAR app.

The menu bar has the IoT icon. Click this and a small pop up will open showing all of your IoT projects that you have created. Click on the appropriate IoT board project.

Step 5 Lets PLAY

  1. Connect the battery cable to a VIN pin on the IOIO board.
  2. Open bluetooth settings on your Android phone and pair the IOIO board.  Pin number 4545
  3. Open up RC CAR app from AppShed Store app. Download from Google Play store.
  4. Open the app and click searchAppShed Store App
    • Type in the name of your App and click search (magnifying glass icon)
    • Scroll to your app and click on the image. A  pop up will open
    • Click Launch App
  5. Starting Playing with your car! AWESOME WORK!
  6. Test the whole app.
  7. Select API mode and test again –
  8. Download app using the Share (QR code) onto another phone.  Note the latency of the signal because it is talking over the web.

Enjoy and share what you have made with us on twitter @readysaltedcode