Using the CRUMBLE from Redfern Electronics

In this project we are going to go through the basics of the Crumble board. This starts with making the onboard LEDs flash.  Moving onto making external LEDs, known as Sparkles, flash and finally using Motors. The Crumble has much larger holes (correct term is Pins) for attaching crocodile clips and or making it easier to stitch with. Educational Resource

Crumble Board

This little board is great for developing hardware projects for beginners or more advanced users wanting to do a simple prototype.  The graphical programming environment has a scratch like feel.  This enables the user to feel comfortable and get stuck in to Flashing those onboard LEDs!


USB Cable
Crocodile Clips (for temporary projects)
Sparkles (Programmable LEDs)

Downloading the Software: Link

Step 1 Plug-in

After downloading the Software. Plugin the cable into the Crumble board. Be careful and ensure that the cable is plugged in the correct way around. Now connect your computer. Note that it does NOT light up to show that it is connected or powered.  Using the code blocks to create your program.

Crumble Code Blocks

Step 2 Flashy

Flashing the onboard LEDs.  These small LEDs are connected to the section for motors which have the numbers 1 and 2 next to them. Programming the board to turn on 1 LED and then turn it off again.  Progressing to Looping the single LED and final alternating between both onboard “motor” LEDS.  When teaching this be careful to explain that you will need to use the motor block code as they control the LEDs that are built on the board.  This can be confusing for younger learners.

For all programs we are going use the following blocks:

First Program: Blink once

Flashy Crumble 1

Second Program: Loop

Flashy Crumble 1 with loop

Third Program: Alternate Blinking 

Crumble Flashy2

Can you think of any other ways to flash the LEDs? Click on Control to use milliseconds instead of seconds (wait block)

Step 3 Project Build

What are you going make? A mini car, a robot, a fun fair ride and motorised minecraft character?  This list is endless and limited only by your imagination (and access to resources)