Open Badges at Mozilla London

I am really looking forward to this sold out event. Which is an informal working meeting including representatives from Computing at School (CAS), OCR and the Mozilla Foundation. We’ll be focusing on how Open Badges can be used to credential some CAS activity – including teacher professional development.

Together we will working to creating the criteria for CPD badges for computer science/ computing educators [fingers crossed].  Each badge will link to the web standards as well as the new UK Computing PoS, Core Standards USA and others where possible.

i know that there are some that couldn’t attend this event and I hoping that they will still be able to contribute.  This is only the first step before we are able to deliver all the badges / criteria necessary.


We are want to be able to inspire our students.  This requires some steady ground (knowledge and understanding) to have the ability and freedom to do something different.  The CPD badges are to show that the educator has secure knowledge and understanding of a certain aspect of the curriculum. This could be binary counting, addition, subtraction for example.

The future of our education.