Hello world! Welcome to my blog

I have been teaching IT since 2006 and a lot has changed in that time.

I am self-professed geek and huge sci-fi fan. My teaching allows me to use sci-fi examples and technological innovations to engage and educate students. I am currently following the Apps for Good course using google app-inventor. This course has been mentioned alot in the press recently. also looking at Applicationcraft with help and evaluatin of some students to teach and develop apps. Students love this topic and the what they produce amazes me. They understand that not all ICT work is on the computer and are able to develop their ideas in similar process to that of industry professionals.
With the recent announcement from Michael Gove in terms of scrapping the ict programme of study. No need to panic, it is in regards to what is taught in schools and not the removing ICT from the curriculum.
At school we have kept up with the times and adapted our curriculm accordingly. We now develop skills in programming across all year groups using various different software packages. We have decided to use open source or freeware as this enables access from home without any financial impact on parents or guardians.
Outside of school: I am working on a scratch programming project with a local primary school. Delivered over 6 weeks. I teach 1 hour a week and I will also be teaching 2/6 lessons with 3 yr9 students. The yr9s have developed some activities and work for the yr2 class. It should be great fun. More on that later.