#hackshop 2013

I really enjoy hack events both delivering and being apart of one. This post is going to be about plans for 2013 and bringing (CS) Computer Science to all. In way where you get to make and break things. Fail and succeed all within one sprint! Making it FUN!

Learning should be FUN! Doesn’t always work out that way but I do my up most to get to FUN.

Well, what I am doing first. My fab Software Development students are designing/creating and delivering a “Game Lab” on the last day of term.Only 5 weeks, no pressure Yr12s. This is in preparation for other “hack”events that they have to plan as part of their course…added in by me ;) The are using different software to created games that they will all compete and play against each other. They are using Scratch, Greenfoot, Unity3D and Minecraft. I also have a challenge task of the students creating a leader board that auto updates their scores….

After Xmas we planning for a Learn Live Lab #Hackshop at BETT show on Friday 1st 12-1pm “App Development 101”. Student alongside me will be delivering the session so that all attendees can build their own app in under an hour. For the workshop we will be using AppShed which is a fantastic build (and learning) environment.

Then start the bigger events. A Computer Science #hackshop with University of Brighton for local teachers and students. They will be building and creating project using Raspberry Pi, Technology Will Save us Kits, Apps for Good, AppShed, Mozilla Webmaker and MANY others. It is going to be AWESOME. I can’t wait to get all the plans finalised, it is pretty exciting. This is be live streamed using Google Air Hangouts on my pegleggen channel.

Then there is the Education Innovation Conference & exhibition in Manchester March 8-10 which closes with a massive Raspberry Jamboree.

This hackshop will link in to the Brighton Digital Festival which September 2013. I am hoping to run 1-2 events at the month-long festival. One of which will be another hackevent (maybe overnight… but we will have check the risk assessments first!).

Ramblings over… I need to sleep before teaching my lovely A Level students tomorrow.