Code, code, code
I was recently involve in the Guardian Junior Hackday. The day (2 actual days) was amazing. There were four schools from around the country. I coordinated the teachers prior to the event and gave training via Google hangouts which worked incredible well. This was quite scary at first but after a few minutes it was just like giving a 1-1 session. Except that it was 1- 4 schools ;)

The days were a blur of learning and excitement. The students diligence and work ethic was truly impressive. Though not replicated back at school with as much gusto. We were given the theme of Open Access and given examples from previous hackdays. The examples really helped the students understand that anything goes when it comes to doing a hack. The teachers also created their own hack along with developing a new curriculum for ICT. It was our dream curriculum but one that is both exciting and deliverable within the current climate and environment of school.

I was already planning a hack event for my school and being at the event has given that bit more confidence to go for it! Our school event has a two streamed approach one giving training and the other receiving it. The students will be working with the Yr2 classes that I have been teaching scratch this academic year. They will then have a few hours to build something with the help of experts and google hangouts for speakers to give 10 min master chats.

It was an amazing experience, thank you Guardian.