Guest Post from GlastonBridge Software [arra]stre

In 2014 we’ve had the tremendous privilege of working on a groundbreaking ballet performance combining data visualisation, computer science concepts, and, well, classical ballet.  The [arra]stre performance is a part of the Art of Computer Science project conceived and executed by Brightonian arts and education visionaries ReadySaltedCode.

Glastonbridge provided the data capture software, using Microsoft Kinect to generate JSON streams of ballet performers.  All the software for the project is available on github. This was turned into beautiful visualisations by Peter Cook, representing concepts in big data and software development.  Paul Golz and Camilla O’Neale of Ephemeris Dance took computer science theory and turned it into a choreography.  The talented young ballet dancers of Battle Abbey School brought it alive on the stage.  There was also plenty of other stuff to do, like workshops, rehearsals, sewing conductive thread into pointe shoes, and so forth!