#CircusFest update

readysaltedcode are currently at 2 events: Genevieve is at #RISEsummit2014 in San Francisco – The Google Mothership. And the guys running CircusCode at the RoundHouse part of #CircusFest. Some from sunny SanFran I hand over to chic Chalk Farm……

Meanwhile, back in sunny North London, we are having an AWESOME time. The shortest commute ever! One of the coolest venues in Europe and we are working backstage. I met a Camden resident on Sunday, who was telling me about coming to see the Beatles, Hendrix and others at the Roundhouse back in the 60s & 70s and we get to work here.

Day one was an investigation of kit and play with Greenfoot Kinnex interface. The young people were tasked to plan and create a short documentary about either the Roundhouse or Circus. They spent time discussing and planning what they would do, then went off to film. Two films were created and basic editing skills used to finish off.

Day two has been a great day of interaction with performers. Talia Randall from Expectation, talked about her work, how she got into it and showed us the performance space. Talia was great at drawing the young people out and interacting with them. This afternoon, we went to visit Circus Geeks, who gave us a fantastic explanation of what they do, the technology they use and their new show.

We have lots of footage, photos and are looking forward to another performer visit and Shazia’s video editing workshops Wednesday.