#CAScade Project

The CAScade project [Computing at School]is an online learning space for Computer Science educators to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of the subject area.  The learning space will have videos and self guided video tutorials as well as live CPD sessions.

#CAScade will incorporate all the fantastic resources that teachers have already created.  Building on this there are specific resources and environments being commissioned to enable classroom Computing teachers to feel confident in their own classroom.  With the change in the programme of study from solely ICT to more Computing, this learning space has been dedicated to filling the learning needs in preparation for September 2014.

Recently, myself and Dr Aidan Delaney, Brighton University, have been in the TV recording studio to create video resources for LOGIC. Specifically looking at propositional / Boolean logic.  Using a diagrammatical method to aid learning and understanding of Boolean logic. Sounds scary but it is not at all- you just need to understand the rules and you are away.  A good idea of how to colour-in venn diagrams will help with this :) Who knew that colouring in would help you learn and understand Boolean logic!

Watch this space for more news and release dates.a drawing of a VENN diagram