Had a great time at #BETT2014.  I was only able to go up on the Thursday, on the @AppShed stand. I thought that if I was going to be on a stand talking about  javascript and PHP development using the AppShed framework then I will need a bit of bling.  Possibly too much – glitter in the hair, belt and shoes plus the arduino power flashing lights on my jeans.  All of this glitter still didn’t make any of the London commuters smile. It made me smile though.

arduino power jeans with different coloured lights.

Arduino power jeans for #BETT2014

It was a great day.  Talking about the new computing program of study in the UK, common core in the States to Ontario’s Science and Technology curriculum plus many others from around the world.  Giving quick mater classes on javascript and the amazing google blocky (visual programming).  If you have tried it have a go it is great for teaching logic, computational thinking and programming.