[arra]stre in Minecraft

We love minecraft at readysaltedcode

What better than to re-create the ballet in a minecraft world.

So what is the thing first thing to do…. create our own “skins” that represent each actual dancer plus us. The skin below is a representation of Genevieve, our founder. It is so much fun working with minecraft, the creativity and freedom to build your own worlds.  The minecraft environment is a fantastic educational tool especially using the Raspberry Pi version which enables you to code in Python to develop your own worlds. Awesome. There are lots of different sites or applications that you can use to create skins. We have 7 dancers plus 8 other team members so this should be rather fun.  For this skin we used minecraftskins but you could try others such as novaskin, charactercreator or orcsinthebasement

dataStorm minecraft skin

Creating our own minecraft skins