Anjin 1600


An 8 hour game jam 11-7pm Saturday 23rd February at the lighthouse in Brighton. Using artist, David Blandy‘s work.

[vimeo w=600&h=375]

ANJIN 1600: Episode 1 from David Blandy on Vimeo.

During the day we will be creating various parts of the story using Unity. It is a very powerful game engine used by experts and hobbyist alike. I personally use it in my grade 13 Games Design class. It allows the students to create their own game as well as improving the coding skills. We use javascript but Unity supports other scripting languages.

To bring the game to life I will be using Space for Unity which is an amazing space construction asset kit for Unity. The detail and usability are brilliant. Plus this only came available on Wednesday (3 days before the event). So not much time to play around with the asteroids, planets, nebulas plus many other features. Stefan, space for unity creator, will be online about 2pm (23/02/13)to talk about how he created Space for Unity and to give the gamers some tips.

If you are aged between 16-600 then come and join us for the game jam in Brighton. All you need is your laptop, Unity installed and £5